24/7 Emergency Dental Services

Emergency dentistry is any oral health treatment necessary for an urgent situation or problem.


Emergency dentistry is a specialized field of dental care that focuses on treating urgent oral health issues. While regular dental visits are essential for preventing and treating routine problems, emergency dentists are valuable in addressing serious issues and minimizing pain. When you experience a dental emergency, it’s critical to understand the available options and when to seek help. Here we will discuss the basics of emergency dentistry, including definition, types of emergencies, treatment options, and 24/7 emergency dental services offered through Oso Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Elena Bedilo in Oxnard, CA. 

What is Emergency Dentistry?

Emergency dentistry is any oral health treatment necessary for an urgent situation or problem. This type of case often requires immediate attention to prevent further damage or infection. Every dentist has experience with minor dental emergencies such as chipped teeth or broken braces. Still, an emergency dentist like Dr. Bedilo can address more severe issues, such as abscesses and infections that require specialized care. These services can be provided in-office or after-hours at home if necessary. 


Types of Dental Emergencies

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A broken tooth can occur after a trauma such as tripping or falling onto your face, but it can also happen due to excessive biting pressure on hard foods like candy apples.

If your toothache remains even after using over-the-counter pain medications like ibuprofen or acetaminophen, this may be a sign of a deeper issue requiring professional care from an emergency dentist.

Having your tooth knocked out due to injury or trauma can be extremely painful and should always be seen by an emergency dentist immediately before attempting any home remedy for reinsertion.

An abscessed tooth is often one of the most severe dental emergencies that require immediate attention from an experienced dentist to prevent further infection or damage to the teeth, gums, jawbone, or other surrounding areas.

If you have recently noticed that your crowns and fillings have become loose, then this could mean they have not been correctly secured anymore, which requires immediate attention from a qualified emergency dentist to prevent any further complications due to misalignment.

Treatment Options for Dental Emergencies

When treating dental emergencies, there are several options depending on the severity and type of issue you are facing. Some common treatments include:

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